T-Pain - On Top Of The Covers (Gold Nugget LP Vinyl) UPC :197342099332

T-Pain - On Top Of The Covers (Gold Nugget LP Vinyl)

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T-Pain - On Top Of The Covers [Explicit Content]

  • Gold Nugget LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 7/21/2023


The cover album to end all cover albums. Aptly entitled "On Top of The Covers," T-Pain is back with his first full-length release since the 2019 album, 1UP. Delivering his own rendition of iconic songs such as Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," & Frank Sinatra's "That's Life," the singer most well known for popularizing autotune approached the album au naturale, allowing his vocals to be the star of the show.

1 A Change Is Gonna Come
2 Don't Stop Believin'
3 Sharing the Night Together
4 Skrangs (In K Major Sus)
5 Stay with Me
6 Tennessee Whisky
7 That's Life (Feat. Nandostl)
8 War Pigs

LABEL: Nappy Boy Ent.
UPC: 197342099332