Tanlines - The Big Mess (Indie Exclusive, Colored LP Vinyl)

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Tanlines - The Big Mess

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Colored Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 5/19/2023

Tanlines' first album for Merge. Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen make escapist, joyful-sounding songs about sad, insular moments and melancholy songs about catharsis and joy. The Big Mess is a deft and danceable exploration of what Emm calls "introspective masculinity," what thoughtful relationships look like between father and son, between friends, and between the individual and societal expectations. The Big Mess is for Tanlines fans old and new alike, those who've succumbed to their wry, winking brand of pop music in the past, and those looking to soundtrack a late night in the future.

1 The Big Mess
2 Outer Banks
3 New Reality
4 Burns Effect
5 Clouds
6 Unreal
7 Arm's Length Away
8 Endless Love
9 Speed
10 Hold on
11 The Age of Innocence

LABEL: Merge Records
UPC: 673855082806