Ted Nugent - Detroit Muscle

Ted Nugent - Detroit Muscle

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Ted Nugent - Detroit Muscle

  • Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 6/24/2022

The Motor City Madman returns with the new album Detroit Muscle! "The mighty Motor City is forever globally known as the epicenter of the ultimate high energy soul-music firestorm, and everybody desperately needs a suckerpunch of Detroit Muscle now more than ever. Relax, it's good for you," Ted Nugent shares. Lead single "Come and Take It" is a powerful, patriotic rock anthem that reminds Americans of our sacred 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, rights that Nugent promotes each and every day. He adds, "Being the all-time gonzo progenitor of love songs that I am, it is only fitting that I unleash the All-American defiant battle hymn from we the people to punks who dare tread on us. Do you feel the love! Come and take it at your own risk."


1 Detroit Muscle
2 Come And Take It
3 Born In The Motor City
4 American Campfire
5 Drivin Blind
6 Just Leave Me Alone
7 Alaska
8 Winter Spring Summer Fall
9 Leave The Lights On
10 Feedback Grindfire
11 Star Spangled Banner

LABEL: Pavement Ent
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