The Acacia Strain - Step Into The Light (LP Vinyl) UPC: 4050538876987

The Acacia Strain - Step Into The Light (LP Vinyl)

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The Acacia Strain - Step Into The Light

  • LP Vinyl 

RELEASE DATE: 5/12/2023 postponed to 05/26/2023


The Acacia Strain — vocalist Vincent Bennett; guitarists Devin Shidaker and Mike Mulholland; bassist Griffin Landa; and drummer Kevin Boutot —are pleased to announce their new album STEP INTO THE LIGHT, out via Rise Records. The highly anticipated album was produced by Randy Leboeuf (Every Time I Die, Lorna Shore, Bad Omens).

"Excited to finally be able to talk about the next chapter of The Acacia Strain," says Bennett. "As soon as you think you know what you're getting, we try to surprise you. Hold your breath for a bit — we might just surprise you again."


Calf's Blood
Chain (feat. Jacob Lily)
Fresh Bones
Teeth Of The Cursed Dog
Open Wound
Sinkhole (feat. Josef Alfonso)
Is This Really Happening?
Untended Graves
None Of Us Asked To Be Here

LABEL: Rise Records
UPC: 4050538876987