The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

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The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

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Seventeen Seconds is the second studio album by English rock band The Cure, recorded at Morgan Studio and released on 22 April 1980. Seventeen Seconds established the group's gloomy sound that would continue until 1982's Pornography. It is the only Cure album to feature keyboardist Matthieu Hartley. Inspiration was very high for the album, as Robert Smith wrote the lyrics and music for most of the record on just two occasions. Most of the music was composed by Smith in his parents' home, on a Hammond organ with a built-in tape recorder. Interviewed in 2004, producer Mike Hedges does not recall any demo tracks, with the band generally playing the track in the studio before laying down a backing track to which overdubs were added. Two members of The Magazine Spies, bass guitarist Simon Gallup and keyboardist Matthieu Hartley, were added to the band's lineup. Gallup replaced Michael Dempsey, which relieved Smith as he felt Dempsey's basslines were too ornate and that they weren't getting on socially. Hartley's synth work added a new dimension to the band's newly ethereal sound, although Smith and he clashed over complexity (Hartley enjoyed complex chords; Smith wanted single notes).

- Disc 1 -
1 A Reflection
2 Play for Today
3 Secrets
4 In Your House
5 Three
- Disc 2 -
1 The Final Sound
2 A Forest
3 M
4 At Night
5 Seventeen Seconds

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