The Damned - Darkadelic (CD)

The Damned - Darkadelic (CD)

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The Damned - Darkadelic

  • CD

RELEASE DATE: 4/28/2023


2023 release. 46 years after releasing the groundbreaking debut, Damned Damned Damned, The Damned return with Darkadelic, their twelfth studio album and their first one since 2018's Top Ten release Evil Spirits. The album catches the band that launched punk and invented goth once again innovating and expanding upon their unique universe. "The Invisible Man" is a showcase for Captain Sensible's riffadelic guitar work and David Vanian's snarling baritone vocals. Darkadelic barrels along from there and features some of The Damned's sharpest songwriting and genre-bending performances reaching peaks with future singles "You're Gonna Realise" and "Beware of the Clowns" drenched in classic horror movie references, nods to swinging 60's London, and a refined palette of musical influences.

1 The Invisible Man
2 Bad Weather Girl
3 You're Gonna Realise
4 Beware of the Clown
5 Western Promise
6 Wake the Dead
7 Follow Me
8 Motorcycle Man
9 Girl I'll Stop at Nothing
10 Leader of the Gang
11 From Your Lips
12 Roderick

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