The Expressions - Sentimental Fool (Indie Exclusive, Orange Vinyl)

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The Expressions - Sentimental Fool
  • Vinyl LP 
  • Indie Exclusive Edition 
  • Orange Colored Vinyl
RELEASE DATE: 10/28/2022

Lee Fields is arguably the greatest soul singer alive today. In an age when the shelf life of an artist largely depends on posturing and trends, he has proven to be an unassailable force of nature. His prolific, decade-spanning career continues to reign supreme on the modern soul scene. In early 2022, Lee reunited with Daptone Records and producer Gabriel Roth to record Sentimental Fool, a deep, blues-tinged, wholly-conceived soul album. From his first line to his final plaintive lyric, the beauty, power, and raw humanity of Lee’s voice is on full display here; the culmination of an astounding career that has seemed to defy gravity, rising to only greater and greater heights.

1 Forever
2 I Should Have Let You Be
3 Sentimental Fool
4 Two Jobs
5 Just Give Me Your Time
6 Save Your Tears For Someone New
7 The Door
8 What Did I Do
9 Without A Heart
10 Ordinary Lives
11 Your Face Before My Eyes
12 Extraordinary Man

LABEL: Daptone
UPC: 823134907515