The Grateful Dead - Europe 72 (Live) (50th Anniversary)

The Grateful Dead - Europe 72 (Live) (50th Anniversary)

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The Grateful Dead - Europe 72 (Live) 

  • 3x LP Vinyl
  • 50th Anniversary Edition
  • Newly Restored Audio by Plangent Processes
  • Remastered by Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Dave Glasser
  • Produced for release by David Lemieux

RELEASE DATE: 7/29/2022


In another industry-defying move, the Grateful Dead followed up their first Gold Record, the 1971 live showcase Skull Roses, with another live album, one that to most fans and critics surpassed even the excellence of the previous offering. From April 7 to May 26, 1972, the Dead performed and recorded 21 live concerts, plus a set in a television studio, with every night being an exceptional display of the magic that was uniquely the live Grateful Dead. These concerts and this tour, 50 years later, are still considered one of the highest of high points in the Grateful Dead's performing career. In an era when a double album was rare enough, the Dead outdid even their own lofty standards by producing a 3 LP masterpiece that to this day is considered one of the finest live albums ever produced.

Remastered from the original analog tapes, the album has never sounded better.

"Throughout the Grateful Dead's 30 years of touring, every year, and every tour, had exceptional moments and monumental shows. Only a few tours, though, can be said to have an exceptional night of music at every single show. Europe '72 is one of the tours that can objectively and definitively said to include A+ performances on every stop. The Dead's momentum had been gaining steam during the past couple of years of non-stop touring, leading up to a peak in the Dead's performing career: the Europe '72 tour. From opening night on April 7 to the final show on May 26, the Grateful Dead made sure they were making fans for life, and the recordings don't lie. Every show was truly an event, and we're all so fortunate to be able to hear the tour's music 50 years later, sounding better than ever." - Grateful Dead legacy manager and archivist David Lemieux


Side A:
Cumberland Blues (Empire Pool, Wembley, London)
He's Gone (The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam)
One More Saturday Night (The Lyceum, London)

Side B:
Jack Straw (Olympia Theatre, Paris)
You Win Again (The Lyceum, London)
China Cat Sunflower (Olympia Theatre, Paris)
I Know You Rider (Olympia Theatre, Paris)

Side C:
Brown-Eyed Women (Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen)
Hurts Me Too (The Lyceum, London)
Ramble On Rose (The Lyceum, London)

Side D:
Sugar Magnolia (Olympia Theatre, Paris)
Mr. Charlie (The Lyceum, London)
Tennessee Jed (Olympia Theatre, Paris)

Side E:
Truckin' (The Lyceum, London)
Epilogue (The Lyceum, London)

Side F:
Prelude (The Lyceum, London)
Morning Dew (The Lyceum, London)

LABEL: Grateful Dead / WEA
UPC: 603497842162