The Kinks - Schoolboys In Disgrace (LP Vinyl)

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The Kinks - Schoolboys In Disgrace

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 7/14/2023

The Kinks Present Schoolboys in Disgrace is a 1975 concept album by the Kinks. Their 15th studio album, it was considered by critics to be the last album in what they dubbed the group's "theatrical" period, and their final release for RCA Records. The album is rooted in 1950s rock and roll, and also includes elements of hard rock, '50s pop and doo-wop, and arena rock. The album is a nostalgic trip through childhood and tells the origin story of Mr. Flash, the villain from previous Kinks titles, with well-known tracks such as "I'm In Disgrace," "No More Looking Back" and "Schooldays." Faithfully reproduced heavyweight vinyl 1LP and first repress, apart from a limited edition 2008 US run, since it's original release in 1975.

- Disc 1 -
1 Schooldays
2 Jack the Idiot Dunce
3 Education
4 The First Time We Fall in Love
- Disc 2 -
1 I'm in Disgrace
2 Headmaster
3 The Hard Way
4 The Last Assembly
5 No More Looking Back
6 Finale

LABEL: Sanctuary Records
UPC: 4050538897968

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