The Meters - Struttin' (Blue Jay, LP Vinyl) UPC:	843563146965

The Meters - Struttin' (Blue Jay, LP Vinyl)

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The Meters - Struttin'
  • "Blue Jay" vinyl LP
  • Cut from the original analog master tapes
  • Mastered by Kevin Gray
  • Limited edition
RELEASE DATE: 11/24/23

Similar in sound to Look-Ka Py Py, Struttin' distinguished itself with its increased emphasis on Art Neville‘s vocal stylings. (As opposed to the call-and-response shouted choruses from previous albums.)

The album included the R&B Singles hit "Chicken Strut," soulful covers of Lee Dorsey, Ty Hunter, and even Jimmy Webb, and directed the group into a more expansive sound than before, rendering one of the most organic sounds in their discography.

Classic samples abound across Struttin' with everyone from Dilla to A Tribe Called Quest to Whitney Houston, has had their way with "Handclapping Song."

-SIDE 1 -
  1. Chicken Strut
  2. Liver Splash
  3. Wichita Lineman
  4. Joog
  5. Go for Yourself
  6. Same Old Thing
-SIDE 2 -
  1. Handclapping Song
  2. Darlin’ Darlin’
  3. Tippi-Toes
  4. Britches
  5. Hey! Last Minute
  6. Ride Your Pony

UPC: 843563146965