The Mountain Goats - Jenny From Thebes (Indie Exclusive, Half Yellow/Half Black LP Vinyl)

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The Mountain Goats - Jenny From Thebes

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Half Yellow/Half Black LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 10/27/2023


Jenny from Thebes began it's life as many albums by The Mountain Goats do, with John Darnielle playing the piano until a lyric emerged. That lyric, "Jenny was a warrior / Jenny was a thief / Jenny hit the corner clinic begging for relief," became "Jenny III," a song which laid down a challenge he'd never taken up before: writing a sequel to one of his most beloved albums: All Hail West Texas. Recorded at Tulsa, Oklahoma's legendary The Church Studio with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Trina Shoemaker, Jenny from Thebes is a lush collection of showtunes, pushing Darnielle as a vocalist and The Mountain Goats as a band, broadening their sonic palette once again by leaning into influences like Godspell, Jim Steinman, and The Cars.


1 Clean Slate
2 Ground Level
3 Only One Way
4 Fresh Tattoo
5 Cleaning Crew
6 Murder at the 18th St. Garage
7 From the Nebraska Plant
8 Same As Cash
9 Water Tower
10 Jenny III
11 Going to Dallas
12 Great Pirates

LABEL: Merge Records
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