The Murlocs - Calm Ya Farm (Bible Basher Edition, Bone & Olive Green LP Vinyl)

  • $23.98

The Murlocs - Calm Ya Farm

  • Bible Basher Limited Edition
  • Bone & Olive Green LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 05/19/2023


The Murlocs had visions of creating a quintessential country-rock record when they begin recording their 7th LP - a collection of sublimely mellowed-out songs inspired by iconic albums like "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" and "Exile on Main St" - but the record soon took on its own unruly character. Spiked with The Murlocs’ signature breed of sharply crafted garage-punk "Calm Ya Farm" twists country-rock convention into a free-flowing album fully in touch with the frenetic energy of modern life.


Side A
1. Initiative
2. Common Sense Civilian
3. Russian Roulette
4. Superstitious Insights
5. Centennial Perspective
6. Queen Pinky

Side B
1. Undone and Unashamed
2. Captain Cotton Mouth
3. Catfish
4. Smithereens
5. Forbidden Toad
6. Aletophyte

Label: ATO Records
UPC: 880882553715

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