The Police - Around The World (Restored & Expanded) (Limited Edition Blue Vinyl + DVD)

  • $35.98

The Police - Around The World (Restored & Expanded)

  • Limited Edition
  • Blue Vinyl LP
  • Includes DVD

RELEASE DATE: 2/24/2023


Around the World, available on DVD, is presented with restored picture and remastered audio, following The Police on their first world tour in 1979-80. The film offers a jovial glimpse of the band as they travel around the world visiting local sights between performances. It includes complete performances of 4 songs as bonus videos. Live tracks featured on this Blue LP were recorded in Japan, Hong Kong and the U.K. on this world tour. Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Blu-spec CD

- Disc 1 -
1 Walking on the Moon [Live]
2 Deathwish / Bo Diddley [Live / Medley]
3 So Lonely [Live]
4 Can't Stand Losing You / Day-O [Live / Medley]
- Disc 2 -
1 Truth Hits Everybody [Live]
2 Roxanne [Live]
3 Born in the '50S [Live]
4 Message in a Bottle [Live]
5 Bring on the Night [Live]
- Disc 3 -
1 Around the World [Film]
2 Walking on the Moon [Live from Kyoto, 1980]
3 Next to You [Live from Kyoto, 1980]
4 Message in a Bottle [Live from Hong Kong, 1980]
5 Born in the '50S [Live from Hong Kong, 1980]

LABEL: Mercury Studios

UPC: 602448006486