The Specials - Ghost Town (White with black Splatter)

  • $28.98

The Specials - Ghost Town

  • Limited Edition
  • Splatter Colored Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 7/30/2021

Special limited edition SPLATTER vinyl ska legends, The Specials, featuring the all-time classics "Ghost Town," "A Message To You Rudy" and "Gangsters" plus two demo recordings of tracks that would later become Specials' songs!

1 Man at C&A
2 A Message to Rudy
3 Rude Boy's Outta Jail
4 Leave It Out
5 You're Wondering Now
6 Ghost Town
7 It's You
8 Gangsters
9 Simmer Down (Studio Demo)
10 Rude Boy Gone Jail (Studio Demo)

LABEL: Cleopatra
UPC: 889466150913