The Vandals - Slippery When Ill (Red Marble Vinyl)

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The Vandals - Slippery When Ill 

  • Red Marble Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 7/8/2022


The second album from the clown princes of punk rock, Southern California's The Vandals!

Originally released in 1988, the album was later reissued as The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes in 1999, but for this reissue we've restores the original artwork as well as the full track list PLUS 2 bonus tracks! Limited edition RED MARBLE vinyl!


1 Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh)
2 Susanville
3 Desert Woman
4 In America
5 Elvis Decanter
6 Goop All Over the Phone (Pleasant All Over the Bill)
7 Shi'ite Punk
8 Gator Hide
9 Long Hair Queer
10 (Illa Zilla) Lady Killa

LABEL: Kung Fu Records
UPC: 889466288715