Tipper - Jettison Mind Hatch

Tipper - Jettison Mind Hatch

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Tipper - Seamless Unspeakable Something

  • 2x LP

Third Pressing of Jettison Mind Hatch. - The 1st pressing (by now-defunct Rainbo Records) has a Blue-colored Side A ring, and the 2nd (pressed by Gold Rush) has a Red-colored Side A ring. This was unintended, and we’re calling this the ‘happy accident’ courtesy of Rainbo. - Accordingly, as we have chosen RTI to be our permanent vinyl maker, we’ve intentionally changed their version (v3) to a thicker Gold colored Side A ring… this is how you will be able to tell these 3 versions apart. - Only three thousand (3k) of v1 (Rainbo) were pressed, and only one thousand (1k) of v2 (Gold Rush) are in circulation. The RTI pressing (v3) will remain in circulation as the superior sounding and preferred version moving forward.

1. Sayonara
2. Vection
3. Baleen
4. Exit Chapel Perilous
5. Viscous
6. Sahra
7. C'est La Vie
8. Tethers
9. Permatemp
10. Fallow
11. Shelled
12. Oi Oi Spit

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