Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human (Orange Vinyl)

Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human (Orange Vinyl)

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Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human

  • 180g Audiophile Vinyl
  • Limited Edition

Limited 180gm orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Nearly Human is a 1989 album by rock musician Todd Rundgren. It was his first release in four years, although he had been active as a producer in the intervening years. Many of the album's songs deal with loss, self-doubt, jealousy, and spiritual recovery. It was also the first collaboration between Rundgren and Michele Gray, a singer and ex-model who helped organize the sessions. Gray sang background vocals, both on the record and on subsequent tours, and the pair later married.

1. The Want Of A Nail (With Bobby Womack) 
2. The Waiting Game 
3. Parallel Lines 
4. Two Little Hitlers
5. Can't Stop Running
6. Unloved Children 
7. Fidelity 
8. Feel It 
9. Hawking
10. I Love My Life 

LABEL: Friday Music
UPC: 829421258827

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