Too $hort - Born To Mack (Green Vinyl)

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Too $hort - Born To Mack

  • Green Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 3/3/2023


Originally released on July, 20th 1987 on Dangerous Music, Born To Mack is Too $hort's 4th studio album and re-released as his first major label release in 1988 on Jive Records. Long out of print on vinyl, this West Coast classic contains the 9+ minute track "Freaky Tales" which Snoop Dogg would state was highly influential, to such an extent that Snoop covered the song in ‘97 for the hip-hop covers compilation In Tha Beginning.

Too $hort is one of the pioneers of West Coast Hip-Hop, commemorated with a street named in his honor - Oakland’s Too $hort Way dedicated in December of 2022.

Too $hort continues to make music and plays West Coast classics and upcoming artists on his Rock The Bells radio show Don't Stop Rappin and is a member of West Coast Pioneers super group Mount Westmore.


1 Partytime
2 Little Girls
3 The Mix
4 You Know What I Mean
5 Freaky Tales
6 Dope Fiend Beat
7 Playboy Short II

LABEL: Get on Down
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