Twenty One Pilots - Scaled And Icy (Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

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Twenty One Pilots - Scaled And Icy

  • Vinyl LP
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Indie Store Exclusive

RELEASE DATE: 11/19/2021

Written and largely produced by Tyler Joseph in isolation over the course of the past year at his home studio, with Josh Dun engineering the album's drums from across the country, Scaled And Icy is the product of long-distance virtual sessions and finds the duo processing their upended routines along with the prevailing emotions of 2020 - anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and doubt. The duo had to forgo their normal studio sessions but reached a new of level of introspection in the process, adopting a more imaginative and bold approach to their songwriting. The result is a collection of songs that push forward through setbacks and focus on the possibilities worth remembering.


1. Good Day
2. Choker
3. Shy Away
4. The Outside
5. Saturday
6. Never Take It
7. Mulberry Street
8. Formidable
9. Bounce Man
10. No Chances
11. Redecorate

LABEL: Fueled By Ramen
UPC: 075678641565