Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream

Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream

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Velveteers - Nightmare Daydream
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Nightmare Daydream, the debut album from the formidable rock trio, The Velveteers, is the culmination of the raw power and electric voice of singer/guitarist Demi Demitro with the primal rhythm of two drummers, Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig. Fused with the studio prowess of GRAMMYr Award winning producer, Dan Auerbach, the album is a crushing combination of 70s style psychedelia and the hard rock of the California desert. LP packaging includes 12x24 foldout poster insert

Side A:
1. Dark Horse
2. Motel #27
3. Father Of Lies
4. Bless Your Little Heart
5. Charmer And The Snake
6. Brightest Light

Side B:
1. What A Smile Can Hide
2. Choking
3. Nightmare Daydream
4. Beauty Queens
5. Devil's Radio
6. Limboland

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