Volbeat - Hokus Bonus (LP Vinyl)

Volbeat - Hokus Bonus (LP Vinyl)

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Volbeat - Hokus Bonus [Explicit Content]

  • Vinyl LP 

Vinyl LP pressing. Over the course of various record-breaking albums, Volbeat has racked up #1 songs and multi-platinum certifications all over the planet. Hokus Bonus is a vinyl-only collection of all bonus tracks from their previous albums.


A1 Rebel Angel
A2 Angelfuck 
A3 Ecotone 
A4 Lola Montez (Harp Version)
A5 Evelyn (Early Michael Vox Version) 
B1 For Evigt (Feat. Johan Olsen)
B2 Black Rose (Michael Vox Version) 
B3 Under The Influence 
B4 Immortal But Destructible 
B5 Die To Live (Michael Vox Version)

LABEL: Republic Records
UPC: 602435835747