Wilson Pickett - Original Soul Shaker (Gold Vinyl)

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Wilson Pickett - Original Soul Shaker 

  • Gold Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 6/3/2022


Vintage singles from R&B/Soul pioneer Wilson Pickett showcase the groundbreaking sound that became influential to an entire generation of soul artists! 

Includes both a stereo and mono mix of the ballad "If You Need Me," which Solomon Burke took to the #2 spot on the R&B charts, as well as Pickett's first hit "It's Too Late" (a #7 R&B hit), plus many more soul shakin' tracks! 

1 I'm Down to My Last Heartbreak
2 I Can't Stop
3 It's Too Late (Mono)
4 If You Need Me
5 Baby Call on Me
6 I'm Gonna Love You
7 Baby Don't You Weep
8 Peacebreaker
9 R.B. Special (Robert's Monkey Beat)
10 It'll Never Be the Same
11 Give Your Lovin' Right Now
12 I'm Down to My Last Heartbreak (Mono)
13 If You Need Me (Mono)

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