Winger - Winger (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl)

Winger - Winger (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl)

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Winger - Winger

  • 180g Gold Vinyl 
  • Anniversary edition
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Rather unfairly Winger were lumped into the '80s hair metal scene. However, it was an easy mistake to make considering Kip Winger's matinee idol looks and the band's penchant for penning memorable and melodic rock of an altogether addictive nature. However, beneath the surface was a band of enormous depth, containing members that had already notched up years of experience and played with several demanding and high caliber artists. Originally issued in 1988, and produced by man of the moment Beau Hill, Winger's eponymous debut caused an immediate stir with it's seductive blend of heavy, yet melodic, rock suggesting that the band's talent was very much in the same realms as Bon Jovi and Foreigner. It achieved platinum status and made them a fixture on MTV, all helped by such fully formed songs as "Madalaine," "Hungry," "Headed for a Heartbreak" (a Top 20 US hit single) and the superhumanly catchy tour de force "Seventeen."

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