Yes - Mirror To The Sky (Indie Exclusive, 2LP Tan Vinyl)

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Yes - Mirror To The Sky

  • Indie Exclusive
  • 2x Tan Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 5/19/2023


“This is a very important album for the band,” says Steve Howe, Yes’ longest serving member, master guitarist, and producer of Mirror to the Sky, the bands 23rd studio album. “We kept the continuity in the approach we established on The Quest, but we haven’t repeated ourselves. That was the main thing. As Yes did in the seventies from one album to another, we’re growing and moving forward. In later years, Yes often got going but then didn’t do the next thing. This album is demonstrative of us growing, and building again.” For Yes, that “next thing” is a collection of high energy, intricate, lush and layered new studio songs for an album which adds to the band’s much heralded legacy, while charting a path to exciting future times ahead.


1. Cut from the Stars
2. All Connected
3. Luminosity
4. Living Out Their Dream
5. Mirror to the Sky
6. Circles of Time

1. Unknown Place
2. One Second Is Enough
3. Magic Potion

LABEL: Inside Out U.S.
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