Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan (2 LP Vinyl) 93624849773

Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan (2 LP Vinyl)

  • $34.98

Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan
  • 2x Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2023

Zach's self-titled album pressed on black vinyl double LP.

“I’ve learned that every waking moment is enough, and excess never leads to better things. It only piles and piles upon things that are already abundantly in front of you.” - Fear and Friday’s (Poem)

  1. Fear and Friday (Poem)
  2. Overtime
  3. Summertime’s Close
  4. East Side of Sorrow
  5. Hey Driver (feat. The War and Treaty)
  6. Fear and Fridays
  7. Ticking
  8. Holy Roller (feat. Sierra Ferrell)
  9. Jake’s Piano / Long Island
  10. El Dorado
  11. I Remember Everything (feat. Kacey Musgraves)
  12. Tourniquet
  13. Spotless (feat. The Lumineers)
  14. Tradesman
  15. Smaller Acts
  16. Oklahoman Son

LABEL: Warner Records
UPC: 93624849773

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