Bjork - Bastards (LP Vinyl) 5016958157012

Bjork - Bastards (LP Vinyl)

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Bjork - Bastards
  • Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 9/22/2023

Biophilia Remix Album on Double LP!

The official Biophilia remix album, out on vinyl (includes download code).

Includes remixes by Omar Souleyman, Death Grips, These New Puritans, Hudson Mohawke and Matthew Herbert, all of which have been specially mastered for this release by Grammy® nominee Mandy Parnell. An emphasis was placed on making the album a cohesive whole, and the remixes selected accordingly from a multitude of potential candidates.

"I picked a quarter of them for one [album] for people who are perhaps not too sassy downloaders or don't have the time or energy to partake in the hunter-gathering rituals of the Internet." -Björk

1. Crystalline [Omar Souleyman Remix]
2. Virus [Hudson Mohawke Peaches ; Guacamol Rework]
3. Sacrifice [Death Grips Remix]
4. Sacrifice [Matthew Herbert Pins ; Needles Remix]
5. Mutual Core [These New Puritans Remix]
6. Hollow [16-Bit Remix]
7. Mutual Core [Matthew Herbert S Teutonic Plates Mix]
8. Thunderbolt [Death Grips Remix]
9. Dark Matter [Alva Noto Remodel] 1
10. Thunderbolt [Omar Souleyman Remix] 1
11. Solstice [Current Value Remix] 1
12. Moon [The Slips Remix] 1
13. Crystalline [Matthew Herbert Remix]

LABEL: One Little Independent
UPC: 5016958157012

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