Björk - Telegram (2LP Vinyl)

Björk - Telegram (2LP Vinyl)

  • $30.98

Björk - Telegram
  • 2x Vinyl LP
  • Direct Metal Mastered
  • 45rpm

RELEASE DATE: 6/16/2023 postponed New Date TBD

Bjork's second remix compilation, originally released in 1996.


Side A:
  1. Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix)
  2. Hyper-Ballad (Brodsky Quartet Version)
  3. Enjoy (Further Over The Edge Mix)
Side B:
  1. My Spine
  2. I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One-Sunshine Mix)
  3. Isobel (Deodato Mix)
Side C:
  1. You've Been Flirting Again (Flirt Is a Promise Mix)
  2. Cover Me (Dillinja Mix)
Side D:
  1. Army of Me (Masseymix)
  2. Headphones (Ø Remix)

LABEL: One Little Independent
UPC:  5016958097110

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