Black Duck - Black Duck (Indie Exclusive, Orange LP Vinyl)

Black Duck - Black Duck (Indie Exclusive, Orange LP Vinyl)

  • $28.99

Black Duck - Black Duck

  • Vinyl LP
  • Indie Exclusive
  • Orange Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 6/23/2023

Black Duck captures a band already deeply in tune with one another. The three-piece super-group consists of Douglas McCombs, Charles Rumback, and Bill MacKay each have distinct musical voices that are instantly recognizable, yet blend seamlessly with one another. Their time performing together, playing to the moment and reading each other and the spaces they’re in, formed a fluency between the trio which allows them to follow each other down winding paths and short tangents alike. McCombs is a founding member of Tortoise, Pullman, and Brokeback as well as the long standing bassist for Eleventh Dream Day, an artist whose contribution to the music world can not be overstated. MacKay began releasing records in the early 2000s. He has released several acclaimed solo albums with Drag City as well as a duo album each with Nathan Bowles (Banjo, Black Twig Pickers), and Katinka Kleijn (Cello, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO)), and two beloved records with Ryley Walker. Rumback burst onto the fertile Chicago improvised music scene in the early 2000’s. His fluid technique and expressive playing garnered him much attention. In addition to his solo releases, Rumback has recorded with Ryley Walker, jazz greats such as Jim Baker, James Singleton, and Greg Ward. Black Duck’s debut is a testament to that fluency, an expedition led by three veterans into alluring worlds bathed in myriad splendors. Black Duck is a gallery of sonic tapestries, unbound by any genre constraints.

1 Of the Lit Backyards
2 Foothill Daze
3 Delivery
4 Second Guess
5 The Trees Are Dancing
6 Thunder Fade That Earth Smells
7 Lemon Treasure
8 Light’s New Measure

LABEL: Thrill Jockey
UPC: 790377582116

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