Charley Crockett - The Man From Waco (CD)

Charley Crockett - The Man From Waco (CD)

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Charley Crockett - The Man From Waco 

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2022 release. Charley Crockett wrote or co-wrote all 14 songs on the album, and in many ways The Man From Waco is the purest distillation of his artistry to date. What started as a demo session with producer Bruce Robison at Robison's studio The Bunker outside Austin, TX turned into the first album Crockett has ever made with his band The Blue Drifters backing him from start to finish. Mostly first takes with only a handful of overdubs, The Man From Waco finds Crockett refining his singular "Gulf & Western" sound which continues to captivate an ever-growing legion of fans. There's a loose narrative thread that ties the album together, but at the center of The Man From Waco is Crockett, who continues to trust his instincts and carve out his own singular space. Eschewing the ever-growing siren song of major labels and Grammy-winning producers, Crockett is forging ahead as a mostly DIY artist, calling his own shots and giving himself the space to strive for greatness on his own terms.


1 The Man from Waco Theme
2 Cowboy Candy
3 Time of the Cottonwood Trees
4 Just Like Honey
5 I'm Just a Clown
6 Black Sedan
7 The Man from Waco
8 Trinity River
9 Tom Turkey
10 Odessa
11 All the Way from Atlanta
12 Horse Thief Mesa
13 July Jackson
14 The Man from Waco Theme

LABEL: Son of Davy
UPC: 793888920019

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