I Don't Know How They Found Me - RAZZMATAZZ

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I Don't Know How They Found Me - RAZZMATAZZ


I Don't Know How But They Found Me -"RAZZMATAZZ" - iDKHOW is a new project led by Dallon Weekes (Panic! At The Disco). Earning press acclaim, their debut EP hit #1 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers Chart. iDKHOW initially had a curated storyline, believed to have been a decadesold band that never got a big break until 2017, when an anonymous donor released recovered video footage that hints otherwise, leading fans, music historians and conspiracy theorists to debate. Debut album, RAZZMATAZZ on 10/16. LP on Peach Swirl or bone white colored vinyl w/ book insert

1 Leave Me Alone
2 Indoctrination
3 Mad Iqs
4 Nobody Likes the Opening Band
5 New Invention
6 From the Gallows
7 Clusterhug
8 Sugar Pills
9 Kiss Goodnight
10 Lights Go Down
11 Need You Here
12 Door
13 Tomorrow People
14 Razzmatazz

LABEL: Fearless Records
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