Various Artists - Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall (LP Vinyl)

Various Artists - Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall (LP Vinyl)

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Various Artists - Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall

  • Record Store Day 2023 Release
  • Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 04/22/2023


Recorded on November 21, 1962 at New York's Carnegie Hall, this fifteen song gathering of Brazilian music legends was originally released by Audio Fidelity Records in 1963. Its all-star lineup of performers includes Sergio Mendes, Carmen Costa, Bola Sete, José Paulo, Luiz Bonfá, João Gilberto, Oscar Castro-Neves, and many others. Out of print for decades and a sought-after rarity, Bossa Nova At Carnegie Hall makes its return in a limited edition 180g vinyl pressing, coming first to record stores as part of Record Store Day 2023.

Side A
1) One Note Samba-Sergio Mendes Quartet
2) Bossa Nova York-Carmen Costa, Bola Sete, Jose Paulo
3) Zelao-Sergio Ricardo
4) Nao Faz Assim-Oscar Neves Quartet
5) Influencia Do Jazz- Oscar Neves Quartet
6) Mahna De Carnival-Luis Bonfa
7) Mahan De Carnival-Agostino Dos Santos, Luiz Bonfa, Oscar Neves
8) A Felicidade-Agostino Dos Santos, Luiz Bonfa, Oscar Neves Quartet

Side B
1) Outra Vez-Joao Gilberto, Miltinho
2) Influencia Do Jazz- Carlos Lyra, Oscar Neves Quartet
3) Ah! Se Eu Pudese- Ana Lucia, Oscar Neves Quartet
4) Bossa Nova En New York- Caetano Zama, Oscar Neves Quartet
5) Barquinho- Roberto Menescal, Oscar Neves Quartet
6) Amor No Samba- Noramando, Oscar Neves Quartet
7) Passarinho-Chico Feitosa, Oscar Neves Quartet

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