Lany - gg bb xx (White Vinyl)

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Lany - gg bb xx

  • White Vinyl


LANY’s 4th album, gg bb xx, changes gears for Paul Klein, Jake Goss & Les Priest. It focuses on what Klein describes as micro-moments: flashes we experience that come n’ go in the blink of an eye. Nowhere is that spontaneity more evident than in the album’s title (you pronounce it ‘gg’ as in Hadid, ‘bb’ as in Rexha, and ‘xx’ as in, well, The xx.) “I wanted a title that had no pretense,” Paul explains. “Whatever the song feels like to you, that’s what the title means.”


1. get away
2. up to me
3. never mind, let's break up
4. dna
5. roll over, baby
6. live it down
7. dancing in the kitchen
8. ex i never had
9. somewhere
10. care less
11. ’til i don't
12. one minute left to live

LABEL: Interscope Records
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