Sloan - Steady (first Edition) (Purple Vinyl)

Sloan - Steady (first Edition) (Purple Vinyl)

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Sloan - Steady (first Edition)

  • Purple Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 10/21/2022


Thirty years into their career, Canadian indie rock perennials Sloan return with their 13th album: Steady. Featuring the band's trademark harmonies and every band member taking lead vocal duties on at least a couple tracks, there's no better musical commonwealth than this quartet. You'll hear the power pop rockers like "Magical Thinking" and "Keep Your Name Alive" to the moving, stripped-back introspective numbers like "Simply Leaving" and "Human Nature", and the psychedelic trips of "Panic of Runnymede" and "Close Encounters." It's hard to think of another band that has stayed as consistent for three decades musically and still has all the same band members for their entire career. Thirteen albums later, slow and steady wins the race.


1 Magical Thinking
2 Spend the Day
3 She Put Up with What She Put Down
4 Human Nature
5 Scratch the Surface
6 Panic on Runnymede
7 Dream It All Over Again
8 Nice Work If You Can Get It
9 Simply Leaving
10 Close Encounters
11 I Dream of Sleep
12 Keep Your Name Alive

LABEL: Yep Roc Records
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